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The Step-By-Step Process

This is the ONLY community where the Grief Relief Process is taught by certified grief coaches.

This faith based, neuroscience basked 5-Step Process w/ 40+ Lessons is revolutionary in the grief recovery space.

The Community

Being surrounded by people who understand what you're facing AND are committed to recovery is priceless.

This isn't a support group, it's a recovery community.

The Coaching

Weekly coaching calls for all active members which are lead by certified grief coaches, who have all experienced their own personal loss.

Learn from those who have been in your shoes.

"Breakthrough Calls" Plus Membership Option

Grief doesn't have a schedule. When grief shows up and it is a call with one of our coaches to talk you through it.

Real time help for a real time issue.

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Hi, I'm Kelli, And I Created What I Wished I Would've Had During My OWN Season Of Loss And Recovery.

Kelli Nielsen was dismayed to realized she couldn't find practical and helpful tools after losing her mother to suicide in 2017. She even went to her local church to look for help only to find sad support groups of people who were stuck in their grief for months or even years.

The idea of living the rest of her life debilitated by grief and just fighting to survive was not a path Kelli wanted to follow, so she set out to create her own path. Diving into her faith, and learning powerful lessons in neuroscience, she began to learn the building blocks of what is now The Grief Relief process.

Kelli did not know how soon she would need to put this new found framework into practice as just a few months later her son Quintin died of an accidental overdose.

Using the Grief Relief Process, Kelli recovered from that loss and felt compelled to share this tools and insights with the world. Recovery from grief is possible and the Grief Relief Process is the way!

Join Grief Relief Nation to learn the process for yourself and accelerate your healing today.

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This program helped me see that there is a positive future for me and gave me the tools that I will use for the rest of my life.  I never knew how strong I was before having gone through this experience, and Jeanell helped show me that I had it in me already. Through our work together, I realized that I can have happiness and love while still honoring my loved one that I lost. I will definitely continue to utilize the tools and keep in touch with Jeanell!

Tina Worsham

This is the best recovery program! I wasn't sure I could but with Kelli and Jeanell I am moving forward!

Lynn French

I highly recommend it for anyone stuck in grief, those who have gone to grief support groups only to swear they'd never go back and want someone they can trust to lead them on a journey of loving your loved one and staying present in the life you are still living. Really grateful for this tool!

Nathalie Benson

“Do you believe you can recover?” This was an awakening! I didn’t realize I was carrying around the belief that I would never recover from this!  Now, I know I can and will recover. I am a believer! I couldn’t be more grateful for the help. 

Debbie Weimer

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